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[youtube_sc url=”” title=”David%20Palmer%20-%20Inventor” fs=”1″]Sometime around 2008, New York-based photographer David Friedman flew out to San Francisco to include me in an online series of portraits he was doing on inventors. During the photo shoot he also recorded a video interview which recently appeared on a new YouTube Channel called PBS Digital Studios.

Even though I was having a bad hair day the 3-minute video is well-edited and covers my essential motivations behind the development of the first massage chair. What isn’t specifically mentioned in the piece is the name of best massage chair on the market, the Stronglite Ergo Pro, which I co-developed.

One note about the video. The chair massage being performed was shot at a salon/spa in Brooklyn and has nothing in common with the chair massage approach we teach through TouchPro. Knee in the back? Ouch!

You can also read a more detailed version of the history of the first chair and view a cute video of the original chair. Enjoy!

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  1. Lin Boehmer says:

    Hello David,
    Great to hear from you. The video is top notch. Just wanted to say that I purchased a dinosaur massage chair at a yard sale soon after I took your class in Greenfield MA to just have it as a back-up for my Stronglite if needed. It’s in perfect condition and as you say weighs a ton and will never be traveling beyond the corner in my office. The only name I can find is on the cover … Beamaurer, made in USA, Chantilly, VA.
    Anyway, let me know if you ever set up a Chair Massage Museum. The geezer would look great in it. Take care and thanks again for the wonderful trainings and building blocks for such an enjoyable & rewarding profession.

  2. Russell Borner says:


    What a joy to see this video, and the shots of the original LEC chair. Brought back many fond memories of carrying mine through the canyons of New York back in the mid-late ’80s…..creating the inquisitive looks and questions demanding to know what “it” was…..we’ve come so far in the past 30 years that public reactions today are more along the line of: “where are you going to be giving the massages today? I want one!”

    Looking forward to helping with your efforts to make touch a positive social value….

    Best wishes to you and yours for a very healthy New Year!……


  3. Roee says:

    How can one aproch you with an idea concerning you’re invention ?

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