The Equipment

A good professional chair massage starts with a professional massage chair. The most important fact you need to know about the current state of massage chair engineering is that the perfect massage chair has yet to be invented. Every brand of chair has strengths and weaknesses. [For the geeks: Read about the differences between the four metal frames currently in use on massage chairs.]

That being said, there are some basic features you need to evaluate in any massage chair:

  • Adjustments: For the height of the practitioner and the comfort of the customer
  • Setup/Breakdown: Must be quick and easy
  • Portability: lightweight, small form factor, comes with case and wheels
  • Safety: Sturdy and stable

TouchPro recommends the Ergo Pro II Massage Chair manufactured by Stronglite because:

  • It was co-developed by David Palmer, who introduced the very first professional massage chair in 1986. Nobody knows more about the proper functioning and design of massage chairs than David.
  • It is the most adjustable chair and that quickly fits to the customer and the practitioner.
  • There is no uncomfortable brace between the legs.
  • It sets up fast and folds quickly into a compact case.
  • There is no danger of the customer tilting the chair over backwards
  • It has exclusive features, such as complete removal of the leg rests for people with problem knees, and a swiveling chest pad to make room for the “Buddha” bellies.
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