World Class TouchPro Chair Massage Training

We believe chair massage is a specialty. Massaging clients on a chair is not the same as massaging clients on a table. Practitioners who try to adapt table techniques to a chair massage often end up with tired backs, sore hands and physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Specialized TouchPro training allows practitioners to do chair massage that is safe and effective both for the customer and the practitioner.

Since 1986, TouchPro has trained over 12,000 students in 19 countries to successfully perform and market chair massage services. TouchPro founder, David Palmer, developer of the first massage chair, has created an approach to chair massage that has been carefully refined over 30 years on the front lines of our profession.

The goal of TouchPro is to create a community of the best chair massage practitioners in the world. Check out our the information pages below and then join us in the effort to make skilled touch accessible to everyone.

Technique Seminar
Marketing Seminar

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