30 years of Chair Massage!

Massage-Magazine-Cover-19871986 was the year that the first professional massage chair came on the market. It was developed by TouchPro founder, David Palmer, whom MASSAGE Magazine calls the “father” of chair massage. David’s passion, then and now, is to make the world safe for positive touch. The TouchPro focus is seated massage and our commitment is to provide training, resources and support to help people learn about and earn a living providing skilled touch services. Explore the free articles and videos and stay in touch!

THIS JUST IN: You can view the recent 12-minute History Channel segment on the development of chair massage and the first massage chair online. It features our founder, David Palmer, and aired on April 1, 2016.  Check out this page…

Recent Articles from the Newsletter

France Recognizes Seated Massage As An Occupational Title
France recently became the first country in the world to recognize seated massage as an occupational category with a professional certification. On June 7, 2016, the National Professional Certification Commission (Le Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) approved Xavier Court Training as the sole provider of diplomas for Practitioners of Seated Massage. Read more…


A Book About Touch
I met Janet Courtney last year through a small working group that is exploring the feasibility of creating an interdisciplinary, international conference on touch. On so many levels I find her amazing. She is an internationally recognized expert in developmental play and attachment therapies for children and gave a wonderful TedX talk on the importance of childhood touch.

This year Janet wrote/edited a book on Touch in Child Counseling and Play Therapy: An Ethical Guide. She was surprised to discover that nobody had written a text for professionals about the crucial role of therapeutic touch for children. At her invitation I co-authored a chapter entitled Teaching Positive Touch: A Child-to-Child Massage Model for the Classroom with Jean Barlow, another hero of mine whose program was profiled in the chapter. The book (to be published in late 2016) is a first and my writing an academic chapter in it is also a first. It felt like a marathon with the same finish line exhilaration and craving for more. Thank you Janet and Jean for challenging me and including me in your lives and ground-breaking work.