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David Palmer Founder_Father of Chair MassageTouchPro was developed in 1986 by David Palmer, the “father” of chair massage, out of his passion for positive touch. Our focus is seated massage and our commitment is to provide training, resources and support to help people learn about and earn a living providing skilled touch. Explore the free articles and videos and stay in touch!

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Getting Started in Seated Massage

Getting Started in Seated MassageContrary to what many massage schools would have you believe, chair massage is not simply “table massage lite.” Any successful chair massage entrepreneur will tell you that it is a specialty.

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New Categories of Corporate Clients

New Categories of Seated Massage Clients_2Here are three new ways to segment the chair massage market: The Challenging Workplace; The Growing Workplace and The Progressive Workplace courtesy of Larisa Goldin in Seattle, WA,

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Success in the Workplace

Seated Massage Success in the Workplace Seated, or chair, massage is alive, well and flourishing in the workplace, primarily because of two overarching trends: evolving public perception of massage therapy and the impact of the Internet. 

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