30 years of Chair Massage!

Massage-Magazine-Cover-19871986 was the year that the first professional massage chair came on the market. It was developed by TouchPro founder, David Palmer, whom MASSAGE Magazine calls the “father” of chair massage. David’s passion, then and now, is to make the world safe for positive touch. The TouchPro focus is seated massage and our commitment is to provide training, resources and support to help people learn about and earn a living providing skilled touch services. Explore the free articles and videos and stay in touch!

THIS JUST IN: You can view the recent 12-minute History Channel segment on the development of chair massage and the first massage chair online. It features our founder, David Palmer, and aired on April 1, 2016.  Check out this page…

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The History Channel Features the Massage Chair

Jim Everett and David Palmer tinkering with the chair

Jim Everett and David tinkering with the original massage chair

When I was first approached by The History Channel last July (2015) about filming a segment on the massage chair for a series on contemporary inventions and inventors, I didn’t get my hopes up. After all, how many of these programs actually get made? But, after the production company spent three days last Fall filming in San Francisco and Zurich (where they met my co-designer, Serge Bouyssou) I felt like, “OK, this is really going to happen.”

Then, in February I found out they titled the 10-part series Million Dollar Genius and, since I was neither, I thought: “Drat, they must have cut me out!”

But, fortunately, my segment is still in the show and is scheduled to air Friday, April 1, 2016 at 11pmET/10CT/9MT/11PT. Read more…

Genetic Roots of Massage

The Genetic Roots of Massage

Often overlooked in the ongoing quest for a coherent identity for the massage profession are its evolutionary roots. In other words, what is the genetic basis for what we now call massage?

In the animal kingdom the general impulse to touch one another is termed social touch and is not only clearly evident in our primate ancestors but has also been identified in insects, birds, bats and virtually all mammals. That means that social touch has been hard wired into our genomic heritage for over 200 million years. What part of social touch gave rise to massage? Read more…

{Animal Cuddle}Cuddle Clubs Monetize Touch

Professional massage practitioners are not the only ones who make money touching. A growing movement gaining traction in our disembodied world brings groups of unrelated people together for non-erotic touch interaction.

Variously called cuddle clubs, cuddle parties or snuggle parties this phenomenon has begun to move into the mainstream. More…

What We Need To Know About TouchWhat We Need to Know About Touch

Skin stimulation (touching) is essential to maintaining physical, psychological and social well-being, according to an ever-increasing body of scientific literature. Since touch is the fundamental tool through which massage professionals interact with those who pay for our services, it seems obvious that we should have the deepest understanding of touch and touching. Here is what the skilled touch professions need to know to become the recognized experts on the subject of touch and touching. More…