Positioning for a Chair Massage Without a Massage Chair

I love to introduce people to massage. I have massaged people in restaurants, on airplanes, at dinner parties and even outdoors in parks. When I go to visit my family on the East Coast, I consider it my pleasure to gift them with massage.

If I want to do a thorough job of it, I like to give a complete upper body massage. But what if I don’t have my massage chair handy? This 3-minute video demonstrates how to position massage recipients over a table top so that they are comfortable and you are able to access all parts with ease.

Of course, the other option for my family was to finally buy a massage chair that stays on the East Coast permanently.

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4 Responses to Positioning for a Chair Massage Without a Massage Chair

  1. Russell Borner says:

    On a recent trip to Costa Rica to get first-class dental treatment for the 9 crowns I needed at 30% of what I would have paid here in Westchester County, NY, I was asked to provide chair massage to 8 office workers at a Real Estate company in the town of Escazu. I was forced to use a straight back chair, similar to the one in David’s video. While I was able to improvise a modified kata that worked well, it would have been very helpful to have seen the video before the trip. Nice job, David!

  2. Nicely done David! Very helpful info for the times we’re called upon to give massage without table, chair or futon for the floor. The clarity and choreography of your presentation make your tips really easy to remember. Thank you.

  3. Hi David, but once I have to give my congratulations for the video as instructive about the chair massage.
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.
    And of course I wish you success in September in France
    And to come to Brazil to give a course of Massagem chair?


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