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14 September 2012 – Paris, France

When David Palmer was in Paris to do some training, he also gave a free public lecture attended by over 100 chair massage practitioners. The evening event was sponsored by Fédération Française de Massage Assis (French Federation of Seated Massage) and Xavier Court trainings. David spoke about both the history and the future of chair massage. The presentation was video taped with David speaking in English with a near-simultaneous French translation.

The Federation has posted an eBook on their website that contains the two videos of the event, the complete French transcript, plus additional photographs from the event.

If you want to go directly to the videos, click the links below. Please note that the sound on the video emphasizes the translator’s voice, not David’s, which is audible, but dim.

  • Part One: A History of Chair Massage
  • Part Two: Changing the World with Chair Massage

One Response to Public Presentations

  1. Ernesto Tabarez says:

    Dear David Palmer:


    David, I am E.T. in Venice, Ca and would like you to come to IPSBI school to teach your weekend chair workshop.

    I am blind. Kanekosan (and Betsi Anne Nagasawa, she says Hi!) are/was/were my teacher/s prior to Shiastu Healing Arts’ closing. I now have 250 hours from Tao and 150 hours from Culver City School.

    Thank you for considering to Be Our Teacher for our Chair Workshop. Also, please call me:

    Ernesto Tabarez
    Venice, CA
    (310) 663 0197, looking forward to speaking to you in person.

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