The Zubio Story

San Francisco_Dowtown

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Zubio, Inc., located in downtown San Francisco, ceased operations as of November 9, 2009. Here is a brief summary of the Zubio story. If you are interested in more information, you can contact the co-founder, David Palmer at 415-621-6817.

Zubio was conceived to be a branded retail service providing professional chair massage.

Just as Zubio was slated to expand to a multi-unit operation in May of 2008, the oil crisis hit on top of the mortgage meltdown making the recession inevitable and causing a mass retreat of the 30+ new investors we had lined up for our first expansion round of funding. So, instead of expanding, we hunkered down and cut our expenses to the bone hoping to ride out the downturn. Alas, the recession proved to deep and too wide.

While the goal of building a national brand was not achieved, a successful business model for an owner-operated retail chair massage studio was demonstrated. In fact, one of our former Zubio Specialists, Adam Deskin, took up the challenge and is now operating BreakPoint Massage in the old Zubio location.

To the forty-six investors and over 6,000 customers who crossed our threshold in the past five years, touched our lives and made Zubio possible we extend a heartfelt and everlasting:

“Thank you very much!”

~David Palmer and the Staff of Zubio