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For the first time, David Palmer the acknowledged “father” of chair massage will be offering two special events at Kiné-Concept. The first will be a free presentation on The Future of Professional Touch and the second will be a seminar teaching the TouchPro approach to professional chair massage technique and marketing. Both events will help you gain the insight into the co-relationship between positive touch and physical well being and will give you the practical tools to help move your “Touch” profession forward and into the 21st century.

David Palmer Founder of TouchPro InternationalOne of the true pioneers in the massage profession, David Palmer is best known in the massage textbooks for developed the first massage chair in 1986. Since then, tens of thousands of massage practitioners worldwide have been trained in his approach to chair massage through TouchPro International. David is a recipient of the American Massage Therapy Association’s President’s Award and was an early inductee into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. David is also well known for his writings and presentations analyzing the state of the massage industry and his advocacy for touch literacy and meaningful work.

Presentation:  The Future of Professional Touch
Date & Time: May 21, 2015 – please contact Kiné-Concept for presentation time
Cost: Free
Prerequisite: Open to all massage professionals

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In the past 10 years there has been a revolution in the scientific understanding of the crucial role touch plays in developing and maintaining health and well-being. Researchers are uncovering the biochemical mechanisms that explain why skillful touch makes us feel better and are bringing science to what was once viewed as a purely subjective experience. This presentation starts by reconnecting us to the subjective art of touch, then details the objective benefits in our brains and bodies and concludes with some practical suggestions as to how to translate that information into an approach that will communicate clearly and effectively to the marketplace. Join David as he discusses how to turn the science of touch into both a healthy practice and a robust profession.

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Workshop TOU 1202:  TouchPro Professional Chair Massage Training
Dates and Times:  May 22-25, 2015 from 9am – 6pm (all days) total: 32 hours
Cost: $495 (notes included)

Kine-Concept TouchPro Chair Massage

More people are giving and receiving the TouchPro Approach to chair massage than any other kind of seated massage in the world. Learning the TouchPro system saves you from reinventing the wheel by providing you with a massage that is safe, efficient, and effective.
The Technique course will cover:

  • A fast and thorough client screening protocol
  • An approach to body mechanics that will keep you safely doing massage for a lifetime
  • A daily stretching routine for practitioner maintenance
  • A 50-page handout detailing the complete sequence as well as every technique and acupressure point location

In the marketing portion of the seminar you will learn:

  • Learn the four “C’s” of successful marketing
  • Examine dozens of ways to market your chair massage business and evaluate the strengths and pitfalls of each
  • Determine which of  the many markets will be the best ones for you to pursue
  • Develop a clear definition of your chair massage service and market

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