Celebrating 35 years of Chair Massage

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Since 1982, TouchPro founder, David
, has been on a quest to promote the benefits of positive touch for everyone through seated massage. In over three decades, he and his TouchPro colleagues have accumulated a wealth of skills and information to share with
people interested in chair massage.At TouchPro you will find the training, tools, and resources to help you get started and make chair massage a successful part of your professional life.

The Training

Chair massage is a specialty, it is not table massage “lite.” Developed and refined since 1986, the TouchPro chair massage technique is the most popular in the world. Whether you learn at a seminar or in our online training program, you are assured time-tested and comprehensive instruction.

The Chair

The massage chair is what put seated massage on the map (see sidebar story). Check out the only chair developed and recommended by our founder, David Palmer, whom MASSAGE Magazine calls the“father” of chair massage.

The Resources

Knowledge is power and TouchPro has a virtual library of powerful information about marketing chair massage. From newbie to veteran practitioner, your will find an abundance of valuable ideas to help build your success.

How to Start a Revolution

The Insight
In 1982, David Palmer was training massage students in a small San Francisco school when he had a simple insight: most people would never get a professional massage. Table massage was too expensive, it required disrobing in private rooms, and it took far too much time.

The Solution
David began developing an approach that kept the customer seated, clothed, and that required only a short amount of time. He called it “seated massage.”

The Invention
After four years experimenting with seated massage on stools at such companies as Apple Computer, David conceived of a special chair that would make it comfortable for people to give and receive seated massage. In 1986, the first professional massage chair was introduced and a new service industry was born.