TouchPro Technique Seminar Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from students who have attended the TouchPro Technique seminar…

Mr. Palmer,

I wanted to say thank you for your time and attention at the massage festival in Las Vegas.  I was part of your chair class and thought it was extremely helpful.  I would definitely recommend anyone I know to take a class from you.  I have changed my stance for deep pressure for lower back and can go much stronger with little effort.  For me that has made a world of difference!

Thank you again,
Janae Freeman

Dear David,

Just a note to express my gratitude to you for the gift that Touch-Pro Acupressure Chair Massage has been to me and my practice over the last 12 years.  Not only has Touch-Pro brought comfort and relaxation to the scores of hospice patients and caregivers I’ve worked with during that time, it has also provided a safe and effective way to introduce massage to those who might not otherwise ever have considered it!  I can truthfully say that I have never had anyone sit in my chair that hasn’t felt better for doing so and I have obtained many private patients as the result of their Touch-Pro experience!  Although I am now “semi-retired” and am not actively building my private practice, I volunteer four hours every week doing chair massage for staff, patients and caregivers in the Cancer Center at Renown Regional Medical Center.  I will be turning 70 soon, but I continue to see myself contributing to the wellbeing of my community thru the use of Touch-Pro Acupressure Chair Massage for many years to come!  Thank You!

John Tresise
Licensed Massage Therapist

“I loved it! I really learned so much from this workshop. I would recommend this to many other future and current massage therapists.”
–Jennifer Lee

“Very good seminar – valuable info. Makes me glad that I came to this school.””

“Great! I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity.”

“Very good instructions, very courteous and informative. I hope I can do as good a job. I was mesmerized the 1st time the instructor demonstrated the whole 15 minute routine.”

“I liked everything about this course! I had no concept of chair massage and was so impressed and intrigued.”
-Rolin Casey

“It was a very informative course that covered a lot of material in a short amount of time. It prepared us to be able to give a great chair massage.”

“The sequence is taught in structured segments that regrouped together well. They are easy to learn and when you put it all together for the first time it feels pretty good. After learning technically how to perform the kata it makes you start to think about how to really apply it in the massage.”

“Great introduction to the TouchPro technique and the philosophy behind it, as well as practical applications for potential places to work. Our instructor was understanding and patient, very knowledgeable and passionate about the work…an amazing inspiration. Great take-home materials to support our continued learning.”
–M. Fong

“I liked that the instructor helped out with the techniques. I liked that the class was mostly all hands on.”
–Mesha Hamlet

“I felt the instructor gave us an amazing amount of good information that I could understand and apply. I felt comfortable with learning TouchPro that I am able to get it and be proficient at it.”

“I feel like I learned a lot of new techniques to encorporate in my massages. I gained a new respect for chair massage.”

“I was a little apprehensive coming into the weekend wondering what we could possible need in 2 1/2 days to cover. Not only did I learn a great technique but the time flew by. Very enjoyable!”

“Excellent class!”
–Karen Allen



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