TouchPro Corporate Massage

Bring the relaxation of professional massage to your office! (Note: currently available in the San Francisco, CA area)

Research shows that massage enhances alertness and increases employee productivity. TouchPro Corporate Massage eases muscle tension, a major contributor to chronic pain, repetitive stress injuries and low-back pain.

By manipulating soft tissue at specific acupressure points, TouchPro chair massage increases the movement of blood and lymph. With stretching and percussion techniques, our massage energizes and enlivens the body and mind.

TouchPro Corporate Massage is convenient, easy to employ, and feels great. It helps employees recognize tension in their bodies and release it before it becomes a problem. Employees who receive regular TouchPro chair massage find that the quality of their work relationships improves with their colleagues and customers.

Benefits for Employees

  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Increase circulation
  • Enhance alertness
Benefits for Companies

  • Increase employee effectiveness
  • Establish a wellness program that people actually use
  • Give employees a tool for controlling their responses to stress
  • Enhance work relationships
  • Reduce employee turnover

Set-up in your office takes as little as 5 minutes and requires only 6 square feet of space per chair. Our On-Site Specialists are TouchPro trained and certified and meet all local and state regulations.

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TouchPro has been giving chair massages to employees of our company for over 2 years now. They are very responsive to calendar our event requests, and are prompt in returning messages and calls. Comments such as: “Wow! My back feels so much better” and “When are you coming back?” shows me as the event coordinator that our employees really like TouchPro. I would recommend TouchPro for your next Company employee benefit event.  – Textainer

David knows his way around the pressure points, to be sure.  I got more out of a 30 min. chair massage with David than I have in an hour with most/many other massage therapists.
We brought him in to work on our staff during a stressful week recently – twenty-some massages over a 3 day period and many raving reviews. – Urban High School


TouchPro is all about preventing little problems from becoming big problems. You can help yourself by reviewing the essential elements for proper positioning at your keyboard (2 minutes).