Table Massage in Trinidad with David Palmer

The Roots of TouchPro: A Special Table Massage Class

Trinidad Study-cation August 13-26, 2017

This is a unique opportunity to study the “roots” of TouchPro chair massage with David Palmer, the founder of TouchPro International.

Learn the table massage that started it all in the beautiful hills of the island paradise that is Trinidad & Tobago. In this two-week seminar and you will learn the same acupressure table massage that formed the basis of the TouchPro chair massage Kata over 35 years ago. The event is being sponsored by our Caribbean TouchPro affiliate, Rapha Holistic Treatment Limited.

The price, US$1,700 (TT$7 500), includes tuition, accommodations and meals. That’s 2 weeks of an authentic, local Caribbean experience with great people learning a great massage. Although we will be staying in the hills with an ocean vista, the vibrant capital city, Port of Spain, is only 17 miles away.

While versions of this table massage are still taught in Quebec and Paris, this is a rare opportunity to study this massage in English. If you think the 15-minute Kata is amazing, wait until you experience this efficient and effective table version.

Every participant will learn to give (and receive) a one-hour table massage. The sequence includes over 200 acupressure points and 24 Japanese massage techniques. There will be a handout detailing the Kata and the point locations (with diagrams and point names).

If you would like to enroll for this class or want more detail, contact Rapha. Space is limited to 14 students, but there is still room for you and/or a friend.