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How Culture Mediates Massage

Whenever customers sit in my massage chair, I know that their subjective experience of my touch will be the result of at least four factors: Their genetic profile (Are they male/female? Do they have biological disorders such as autism). Their … Continue reading

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Viewing Massage Through a Holonic Lens

One of the critical topics in the massage community is how to define and label what we do. How we define massage influences how we market our services, how we regulate them and how we educate new people coming into … Continue reading

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Animate Your Support

A good way to add value to your services is by passing along useful information to your customers. YouTube is a great source of short, well-produced videos that are free for the linking. My colleague, Russ Borner, sent along one … Continue reading

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The Travolta Clause

When John Doe #1 recently filed suit over John Travolta’s wandering hands in the massage room my immediate reaction was, “Well, there goes the first shoe.” Sure enough, over the next few weeks other massage practitioners came out of the … Continue reading

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An Outsider Analyzes Massage

I was a mama’s boy. The youngest of four males born to my parents within five years, I was the baby of the family and spoiled rotten. There are a number of family stories dramatizing that fact, my favorite of … Continue reading

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